Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day by day stress - a PCS special blog post. :)

Each day Coast Guard spouses and their active duty go about their daily routines. Every day someone learns something new, whether it is that the HAP program is not super easy to navigate or that Tricare is a blessing because you never knew how bad you would need decent health insurance.

As for me, recently, I came to the realization that the world is still twirling at a rapid pace despite my standstill moments of panic. Is it too much to ask that in one day I could resolve our current housing situation, figure out our future housing situation, set the kids up for their new school and maintain my sanity? I know it is still early for many to think about PCS stuff, whether or not you have orders, but my situation depends on who is relocating here. :)

I think my years of going gray may be held at bay if I could just find a renter for our home. Military would be ideal. Of course, you cannot market everywhere because you get slammed with discrimination. So, we must tread lightly and not demonstrate discrimination. Argh. We aren't trying to discriminate, honest, but we would prefer someone with guaranteed BAH to back up their lease application. Makes sense right?

As for the rest of life, there is so much else out there to deal with other than housing in a PCS year. If you have kids, you know how tricky it can be to figure out what schools are options for them, can you afford private, is the public school system decent, or should I seriously contemplate homeschooling. Oh, wait, that is contingent upon working.

As of today, despite the man in blue's wishes, my desire is to stay put, and keep my job: status quo.

I'm stressed. There I've said it. We could just GEO, right? Sure, we'll be a million miles apart, but oftentimes, he'll be underway, and we wouldn't see each other anyway. That way we could keep the house, not worry about selling or renting and just fly him home every now and again when he's in port. Okay, sure that could require additional funds for flights and his living expenses, especially if he desires to live off the boat when in port.

Can you see my dilemma? Sure you can, hundreds of thousands of military spouses deal with this very thing every year. The thing is they survive. They trudge on. They gumby up and make do. Blooming where planted and all that jazz. That is because we know we can. I know I can. I just need to shake off the stress, pull myself up and have faith that it will happen. A renter will find us. We will move and all will be right with the world. Until we PCS again.

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Lainy said...

You will move and you will spend many evenings around my fire pit, laughing about this crazy PCS season. :)